[wp_ad_camp_1] Cihan Mareno was born in the year 1980 in Nettetal Germany.
raised in Netherlands before he finally moved to Belgium. Considering his Turkish roots, he is a real world civilian with a lots of multicultural influences. His DJ carrier startend in the Netherlands at small clubs and party’s. In few years he moved on to bigger clubs and started to play more underground music. Resulting in more and more bookings and appreciation from big shots in the business.

He spend many hours in the studio working on bass, beats and melodies. his producing skills reached to high and interesting level. already viewed as one of the most promising artists in de underground scene. With his passion and enthusiasm for music, he set to deliver a mind-blowing performance at each & every gig. He keeps entertaining the crowd with his never-ending energy!

Began his musical journey as a young child. What started with playing at little parties, turned fast into performing at events and famous clubs. His outstanding performance, appearance and energetic sets always deliver a great and unique experience for the crowd. His international career is exploding! His talent brought him into several clubs in Turkey, Dubai, Germany, Ibiza, Uk, Netherlands. He gained more experience, confidence and initiative. Besides his successful DJ career, Cihan Mareno spends the most of the time in his studio. Making his own tracks with his own sound was only a natural step in his career.

Dutch television and radio, transformed into a will to succeed in a career littered with an unusually large number of pitfalls. An exceptional ear for musical tonality ensured that the small steps of warm up DJ slots for friends in local Dutch clubs, soon developed into giant strides as Mareno’s technique and skills rose to a point where he began to hold his audiences captivated.

A jarring move to Belgium in the late 1990s, aged 17, only served to strengthen his conviction as his maturing tastes saw a move toward the techno arena. A residency in his adopted Belgian homeland at club “Focus” followed, and a rapidly expanding set of DJ credentials saw gigs in Asia and across mainland Europe. Among the plethora of clubs to provide a platform for Mareno’s performing talents, “Cafe Anvers”, “Peppermill” and “La Rocca” have featured, with further global appearances in cementing a growing reputation. Since the turn of the decade, a production career, simultaneously blossoming adjacent to a demanding DJ schedule, has further seen Cihan Mareno locked in a studio producing and remixing a catalogue of other artists with significant success. fully integrated into the underground scene are the vehicles that drive the sound. Over half a century of production credits currently sit proudly next to his name, supported by such luminaries as Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola.

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