[wp_ad_camp_1] The name’s Emojii, spelled with two i’s… and a smile :).

Emojii recently proposed to his girlfriend using a song and a music video he wrote and created for her… and she said YES!!

Emojii wanted to share the same video that won her over.

When thinking about how he wanted to propose, he thought it would be romantic to write a song. The song started out as nothing more than a few chord progressions written down on a piece of paper.

Then he went to a studio called ANS Studio’s located in Cresskill New Jersey to turn these chords into a real song. At the studio Emojii composed, wrote and sung the song you hear now. Although the song started off more like a romantic piano and vocal rendition Emojii decided he wanted his listeners to feel happy and upbeat when they heard this song. After all proposing to the one you love is an exciting experience and he wanted to share that feeling with others. So he chose to go for a more Dance type of sound. Maybe one day he’ll release the more romantic version to capture the wedding.

Emojii is a singer, songwriter and musician from Hackensack New Jersey. His music features a unique blend of various styles including Pop, EDM, Dance, and R&B. He plays piano and drums and was a music major at Bergen Community College and later went on to William Patterson University. He also had the privilege of performing at Carnegie Hall with New York University in an event to raise money to fund music schools for children with special needs.

Music has always been something dear to Emojii. The most beautiful thing about it he feels is the ability to share emotion with others. His goal is to use that power to share positive music. To give people something that they can feel happy about in their lives.

Emojii’s music can be found on most major music streaming and download sites. Here are links to the biggest ones.

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For more information about Emojii, please contact Wilf Libgott of www.dancemusicpr.com | wilf@hammarica.com


To book Emojii, please contact David Slade at weeksonend09@yahoo.com


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