[wp_ad_camp_1] In an era where everything becomes digital, people emerge from the ground and shoot for the stars, becoming smarter, better and more ambitious.

That’s how French artist Jordan Cadon going under the name Clone sees the world that surrounds him. After years of experimentation and dedication to music, he finally strikes and hit the music world with his debut EP called “Black Mask” featuring four hard-hitting tracks that represents the man himself.

The 23-year old artist can deal with any genre he likes and write a story that stays in people’s minds. The powerful and amazing track “Inside My Heart” is a good example of what he makes best. With his songwriting skills and outstanding production, the musician drives the listener to a whole new place where people, emotions and music come together.

What makes him be at the top of his game for the beginning of the year 2017 is the visuals that he connects with his music to get the full experience. Colorful artworks and videos are what makes his iconic black mask pop up and become hugely noticeable and memorable.

“I want to invite people in and let them know we’re one and the same. Clone isn’t just a project, it’s a whole experience. And my goal is to make it the best one possible.”

After discovering the guitar at the age of 15, the one who hides behind this black mask started discovering the world of electronic music. Quickly, he understood he was free of all rule. He wasn’t tied to any instrument, he could make anything come true, he could create a place where no one will ever feel alone.

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