Morior Invictus dance music promotion publicist


Morior Invictus is an independent electronic music record label created by Sansadj, his brother Onkar Sood and close friend, Jasjot Singh.
Morior Invictus was started as a way to get Sansadj’s passion and love for electronic music into public spotlight. A key factor in deciding to start our own label was having complete creative control over our work. Our label is currently based in India.

Morior Invictus dance music publicist

At Morior Invictus, we love electronic music and we are willing to supports artists regardless of the genre as long as they bring something unique to the table. You can be producing either trance, house, techno, dubstep, chillstep or lounge music, as long as your music is what we think it should be, we will support you in your endeavour.

Most of the labels currently only sign new music either if it can be played on the radio or if people can dance to it in the clubs. We have seen some great music rejected by record labels just because of this above approach. Fortunately for you, we are not most labels. We hate this approach as we believe this approach kills off any chance in an artist producing truly unique and original music.
Looking forward to hear the unique in you!

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